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Printmasta is a manufacturer of CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and even small, business card CDRs. The company, besides duplicating and replicating discs, takes also care of their packaging – offering a wide selection of different boxes, booklets and many more. Each order manufactured at their factories is prepared with utmost care and professionalism to deliver the customers quality solutions for their business. The process of digipak printing is performed with the use of modern machines, able transfer the digital projects into a physical copy.

CDs and DVDs

Digipak is one of the most popular ways of packaging modern CDs and DVDs. They allow a great deal of personalisation and customisation to give the client exactly what he needs to create a highly individualised solution. Printmasta uses quality materials for their products and professional machines that take care of digipak printing according to the customer’s specification. The digipaks prepared by this company include 4P, 6P and DVD varieties – the names used to indicate the number of pages available for printing and their size.

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